May 20th Exploring Machu Picchu

Today was a free day for the group, but most of the group took a chance to explore the local market. The market is an interesting place full of small shops all selling local Peruvian art. Unlike a farmer’s market back in the states the price given is not the final price. We spent the day negotiating prices for alpaca sweaters, table runners, and other various pieces of art.

Now not all of the group spent the day in the market the other half returned to Machu Picchu to explore the ruins. Some of them hiked up about an hour to the Sun Gate. Others spent the day wandering around the city looking at the amazing stone work and architecture. Finally two young ladies decided to wake up at four in the morning to climb Wayna Picchu. This hike was only an hour but unlike the Sun Gate trail it was straight up the mountain. If the incline didn’t get to us, the narrow stairs that seemed to¬†cling to the side of the mountain certainly detoured all the other members of the group from going. After meeting in the plaza we began our long trip back to Cusco. After arriving in Cusco almost all of the group called it an early night and retired to bed.

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