Salsa Dancing in Belfast

Time and time again, Belfast surprises me.  Last night was no expectation.  I started the night hanging at a flat party with some of my international friends.  The kitchen was too congested and hot for us, so we migrated to the hallway.  We had not been standing there long when a couple of guys who lived on the hall walked in.  Jessica, who lives on the hall, greeted them and asked them what they were up to.  The guys casually explained that

Us, girls, posing with the La Boca sign. Such a wonderful night! Can't wait to come back another Thursday night.

they were going salsa dancing.  I had not even introduced myself, but blurted out, “Belfast has salsa dancing?”  The guys laughed and asked if we wanted to join.  About 20 minutes later, the six of us were in a taxi heading towards City Centre to a restaurant called La Boca.

I have walked around City Centre a number of times, but I never noticed the little Argentine style restaurant located on the end of Fountain Street across from VooDoo Bar.  It is named after the Bohemian dockside district of Buenos Aires and doubles as an art gallery.  By day it is a charming restaurant, but each Thursday night all the tables and chairs are stacked to the back, a live band set up and there is free salsa dancing!

I was more than a bit nervous.  I would rather give a public speech in a crowded theater, than try to learn and perform any dance that has choreographed steps.  My two left feet do not help my grace.  Luckily, the guys who invited us were not only sweet, but also knew how to salsa dance and were more than willing to teach us some basic steps.  Once everyone was dancing and I found some sort of rhythm, my jitters vanished allowing me to have a blast until the last song of the night!  I am still happily shocked that there is an authentic salsa dancing place in Belfast.  It goes to show that there is more to see and do than what meets the eye in this historical city

Until next time,

Melissa Hinchman

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