2014 AWP Conference: Seattle, WA

Association of Writers and Writing ProgramsEach year, the Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) holds its Annual Conference & Bookfair in a different city to celebrate the authors, teachers, students, writing programs, literary centers, and publishers of that region. More than 12,000 writers and readers attended the 2013 conference, and over 650 exhibitors were represented at our bookfair. AWP’s is now the largest literary conference in North America.

The Queens MFA program is well-represented every year, with students, faculty and staff participating in a variety of panels and events. Below is a selection

This post will be updated as additional information comes in. Please feel free to leave a comment below to have something added or changed. For locations, see the full conference schedule. (If you plan on attending, AWP’s build-your-own-schedule is a very useful tool.)

The Queens Line-Up

Thursday, Feb 27

9:00 am - The Third Degree: Why Writers Pursue Additional Education Beyond the Bachelor’s and Master’s. – Fred Leebron (Organizer), Andy Levy (faculty), Brighde Mullins (faculty), Jacob Arnold (alum)

1:30 pm – From the Stage to the Page: Why Teaching Drama in the Creative Writing Classroom Improves Student Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, and Poetry – Brighde Mullins (faculty)

4:30 pm – How to Write About A Murderer – alums Madge McKeithen and Jessica Handler

4:30 pm - Beyond Blackboard: Creating Virtual Writing Communities Inside and Outside the Academy – Melissa Bashor (alum)

Evening – Readings and cocktails: The Kells Irish Bar, sponsored by Bellevue Literary Review, Press 53, and Prime Number Magazine

Friday, Feb 28

12:00 pm – From Sound to Sense: Crafting the Lyric Sentence – Elissa Schappell (faculty)

1:30 pm – Bob Dylan and the Very Words, A Lecture and Conversation with Christopher Ricks, Sponsored by the Poetry Foundation – Robert Polito (faculty)

3:00 pm – How Readers Read: A Report from the Stacks of Submissions, alum Jeff Hess, One Book alum Lisa Mecham (organized by Fred Leebron)

4:30 pm – A Tribute to William S. Burroughs – Elissa Schappell (faculty)

5:00 pm – Queens gathering at The Pine Box. Faculty, administrators, students and alum. All welcome, though please rsvp to Fred if you haven’t already.

Saturday, Mar 1

9:00 am - Good Luck with That: Writers Paying Bills – alum Mary Akers

9:00 am -  Novels in Stories or Story Cycles – alum Cliff Garstang

10:30 am - Hyphenated Poets: Ethnic American Writing Against Type - faculty member Cathy Park Hong

12:00 pm – Telling It All: Boundaries in Creative Nonfiction – faculty member Emily Fox Gordon

12:00 pm – The Supernatural School of Poetry – faculty member Robert Polito

1:30 pm - Rethinking Linking: Stories and Novels, Structure and Beyond – alum Cliff Garstang

1:30 pm - Only Connect: Building Community in Low Residency Programs, current students Mardi Link and Donna Kazi

3:00 pm – Race and Belonging: Navigating the MFA Program as a Writer of Color – faculty member Jon Pineda

3:00 pm – Beyond Kimchi: Writing Through Ethnicity – faculty member Katherine Min

4:30 pm – Ecopoetics, Ekphrasis, Ethics – faculty member Sally Keith


First International Residency

Buenos Aires in Six Months
- Fred Leebron, Program Director

We are six months away from our inaugural residency in Buenos Aires!

It’s the perfect launch for our program, as one of our faculty, Maxine Swann, has been resident there for years, and has just founded the Buenos Aires Review.    You’ll see right away that it offers more than just Buenos Aires, and is as wide-ranging and ambitious and sensory a venture as our own program hopes to be.

Buenos Aires_NeighborhoodWhat you’ll find in Buenos Aires is a city composed of the intricacy of its individual neighborhoods.  From the chic streets of Palermo Soho to the vast edifices of Centro to the marvelous reconstructed port, Buenos Aires inspires both in its intimacy and its monumentalism.  And that’s not to forget the song, dance, and general festivity of La Boca, where the colorfulness of its buildings has an almost Caribbean quality.

We are looking forward to special seminars on architecture, spousal politics, and the role of the gaucho, a complementary trip to an Estancia and several complementary tours of various aspects of Buenos Aires multifarious culture.

Shortly we’ll have more detailed information about our upcoming weeks in B.A.  But for the moment, we hope there’s enough on our website for you to feel already inspired by what awaits us there.