Second Day in Dublin

After enjoying a traditional Irish breakfast this morning (sausage, bacon, beans, fried egg, black and white puddings–which are not at all what we think of as “pudding”), our group was first in line for the Book of Kells. Here, we saw how the monks painstakingly created these Irish medieval gospel manuscripts. Leaning close to the glass cases, we were amazed by the intricate detail and bright colors. The adjacent Long Room of the Old Library at Trinity College was breathtaking–two floors of old books in beautifully carved cases and interesting artifacts such as the oldest harp in Ireland. At the National Museum of Ireland, we saw Bronze age gold treaures, the metalworking prowess of the Celts, and the preserved bog bodies from the Iron Age. We have walked and walked but are excited for the rest of the day in Dublin.
–Julie Funderburk (English professor who was deeply moved by the Long Room!)

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  • Renee Says:

    First in Line at the Book of Kells and then the Long Room and the oldest harp in Ireland. A good day’s “work”, I’d say.

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