Flying to Ireland!

Flying over Iceland--the cause of our delay

I’m sure you all know that we made it safely to Ireland. We are staying at Sleepzone Hostel in Galway, Ireland. On the way here we were rerouted over Iceland and Greenland because of the erupting volcano. This detour added an hour and fifteen minutes to our flight. We were able to see the volcano and got some pictures from the plane, be sure to check those out!

Graveyard and ruins at Clanmacnoise

Yesterday we went to Clonmacnoise, which was one of the first monastic villages in Ireland, a place of Christian pilgrimage that many still visit today. We saw the ruins of eight churches, many old graves, and three high crosses.

View of the Burren

Today we were very busy! We visited The Burren, which is a rolling, rocky landscape that was formed by the movement and melting of glaciers. It is home of very rare plant species. We then went to The Cliffs of Mohr, one of the seven wonders of the world! The view was breathtaking! Harry Potter, Princess Bride, and Robin Hood were all filmed at this site! It is also very popular for surfers. 

The Cliffs of Mohr

On the way back we stopped at The Poulnabrone an ancient burial site. The top stone weighs five tons and was put together without modern day machinery.


We also stopped at a 12th century church to take pictures. Keep checking for future entries.

By: Natalie Gay and Niran Lohmaneeratana

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  • Virginia H. Collings Says:

    Really enjoying the study tour log. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the tour. Prayers and thoughts are with you all.

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