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A Perfect Interview Gets You The Job!

Just as a good resume can get you the interview, it is a perfect interview that gets you the job! Regardless of which college graduated you, or what experience or skills you possess, if you cannot sell yourself during the interview, more than likely a company will not consider you for employment. Here is some advice I have given individuals over the years.

1.) Your first goal is to build chemistry. People hire individuals to whom they can relate or who they see as a fit for the organization’s culture and teams. Therefore, as soon as you enter the room, use your small talk skills. Have a genuine conversation regarding the day, the interview, sports or something related to the interviewer’s interests. Pictures on the interviewer’s desk or wall will provide you some clues to their interests. Also, don’t be afraid to smile and show some personality.

2.) Make sure you establish a conversational tone. The good thing about small talk prior to the official interview is that it allows you to warm up and relax. Small talk also creates a conversation rhythm to your voice. If you leave the interview and feel like you did not have a professional conversation and banter, then the interview was probably not a good one.

3) Prepare an executive summary before the interview. The executive summary is a document you put together that lists your qualifications, background and experience as compared to the qualifications, background and experience from the job description. The document is only a reference guide for you (along with the resume) that helps you internalize the requirements and sell yourself to the job description.

4) Prepare for a behavioral-based interview. Most organizations are interested in how you have solved problems in the past. Past behavior is a good predictor of future behavior. Therefore, a recruiter may ask you questions like, “Tell me about a time when you had to motivate a resistant team to make procedural or process changes?” or “Give me an example of a time when you had to make a major presentation to large group. How did you prepare?” One technique to answer behavioral-based questions is by using the Situation, Tasks, Actions, Results (STAR) technique. Give a specific situation in which you were involved, describe your challenge and the actions you took to resolve the problem, and talk about the results. With this technique, you tell a compelling story and make a great sell.

5) Look good and exude confidence. Confidence is always attractive, and it makes a great selling point as well. Do your research on the company, know the position, focus on your strengths and dress to the max for a professional interview. Dark suits, light shirts and dark polished shoes always make you feel like you are on top of the world.

Happy interviewing!

4 Responses to “A Perfect Interview Gets You The Job!”

  1. Randy Nichols Says:

    Nice writing style. I look forward to reading more in the future.

  2. Vanessa Vesci Says:

    > Dear Mr. Means,
    > My name is Vanessa Vesci and I am from Brevard, NC. I was reading an
    > article in the Charlotte Observer, the one written by Bobby Sisk,
    > “ways to help ace your job interviews”, with your reference material.
    > I found the article very helpful and useful but it begs the question,
    > “How does my resume look?”
    > While I feel that I do well during the interview process, I feel that
    > my cover letter and resume are coming up short. If you are available,
    > would you mind advising me on how to write a great cover letter and
    > possibly review my current resume? You hear so many different rules
    > and etiquette about your resume, it’s hard to know what is good and
    > what is bad. If you wouldn’t mind offering me some advice, I would
    > appreciate it. I have included my current resume, if you wouldn’t mind
    > reviewing it at earliest convenience.
    > Thank you for your time and the advice!
    > Sincerely,
    > Vanessa Vesci

  3. joseph gonzales Says:

    Hello Bill Means;

    I recently relocated from Orlando to the Charlotte area and am in need of some advice. I was given your name by an acquaintance that had seen your above referenced article in the local newspaper.

    My first request is to see if I could get a copy of the article.

    Secondly, I’ve been out of the job search market for a number of years and really have a “brain lock” with respect to writing about myself and putting together a good Resume. I’m a young spirited 58 year old professional and am quite concerned with not being able to put together a strong Resume (and Cover Letter) that will motivate an HR Manager to contact me.

    I was wondering if you would mind viewing my attached Resume and let me know what you think?

    Your time and assistance are very much appreciated.


    Joseph Gonzales
    USMC & Army Veteran
    Former Secretary – Central Florida Veterans Assoc.

  4. judy affeldt Says:

    Hello Bill~
    I’ve kept your recent article on ways to help ace interviews. I had an interview on Aug. 4 and I really was confident, conversational, prepared to summarize my past experiences and behaviors. The next day I called the interviewer (who happens to be the person that is leaving the company and looking for the replacement – not an HR person) and thanked her for her time and let her know I was very interested in the position and wanted to move forward in the process. She said I was “very welcome”. How long does an applicant wait to call back and follow up again? I only know that she wants to bring a few applicants in during the week of 8/25 to interview with the CEO.
    Thank you for your articles!!!

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