Eating like the Aussies

If you are planning a visit to Australia, I would advise you to put aside a good amount of your money to food and food alone. The amount of money it costs for a weekly grocery visit is quite crazy. But I have learned some tricks of the trade from living with Australians and spending time on my recent trips. Here are some tips to eating/drinking like an Australian:

Tip #1: Buy cucumbers. Cucumbers are put on anything and everything here. Today there was a free BBQ for university students, you had the following choices for your hot dog: bread, grilled onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, tomato sauce (not ketchup, never call it ketchup) and BBQ sauce. Although I was a little weary of putting cucumbers on my tomato and tomato sauce hot dog it was actually quite good. Another thing they put cucumbers on is ham, turkey, tuna, and/or roast beef sandwiches. Any kind of wrap. Basically, if it has meat involved or is a salad, cucumbers should be included into your meal.

Tip #2: My personal favorite, buy some Tim Tams. Tim Tam’s are the greatest creation since sliced bread in my opinion. I am allergic to the cocoa in chocolate so I cannot indulge in the real Tim Tams but the white chocolate ones are to die for. They are a “biscuit” or cookie, they are crunchy and creamy on the inside with melted chocolate on top. YUM!

Tip #3: Never try the Vegemite.

Tip #4: They have an invention called “Cordial” which where you put a small amount of this fruity drink into a cup and fill the rest with water and WAM! you have the perfect fruity drink.

Tip #5: Drink lots and lots of tea. It doesn’t matter whether it’s hot or cold or black or green, Australian’s LOVE their tea.

I’m sure there are plenty more tips I will come across on my trip here but just remember, if you travel to Australia, never try the Vegemite and find a new love for cucumbers, you’re going to need it.