Orientation Week

Orientation Week at the Sunshine Coast is quite different than that at Queens. There is a whole week dedicated to throwing events to make the new and old students feel welcome or welcomed back. Some activities included time-management lectures, food eating contests, pool parties and traveling events. This week was great for all students because we got to meet new people and take advantage of different opportunities.

UniCentral, where I am currently living, also had numerous things students could attend. Most students called it “O’Week”. These events included a “Stoplight party”, where students dress according to their relationship status, a welcome home BBQ and (see photo above of Max Kaczynski and I) Toga night at a local bar organized by the school.

Although I loved all the events that were available, I liked meeting people from all over the world most of all. The countries of different study abroad students includes: South Africa, France, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and many, many Americans. In one class room there were over 75% of Americans in the room! It was a sigh of relief to know I am not the only one asking the locals, “Um, could you please repeat yourself? Maybe this time a little more slowly as well?” I even had to ask a boy from South Africa to repeat himself four different times just to ask me how I was doing. But through the jumbled words and strange slang, I learned to love the way people could tell a story a completely different way than anything I had heard before. For example, when grilling at a barbecue, the South African said, “It’s not shrimp on the barbie, mate, it’s mince on the braai, Chana!” Of course I had to cut in that unfortunately, they were both wrong it was a hamburger on a barbecue.

While Orientation Week has been everything I expected, my O’Week has only just began. Next weekend I will be heading out to Moreton Island Bay and the following to Fraser Island as a welcome week continuation for international students. I cannot wait to show off the beautiful pictures!