Fraser Island for the Night

Only minutes had pasted on arriving on Fraser Island and I knew it was going to be a beautiful place to spend the night. Fraser is the largest sand island in the world and has so much to offer, but in saying that, I was continually reminded, NEVER, EVER go into the ocean here. Why? Oh because you’ll get eaten by a shark by the time you were thigh high in the water. Seriously, there are so many sharks surrounding the island that it is forbidden for anyone to enter the water. Unfortunately I did not get to see any sharks on my adventure but I did see a pod of dolphins and a sting ray the size of my body, from a good distance away of course.

Throughout the two days and one night I was there I walked through an amazing rain forest, swam in fresh water lakes and climbed numerous sand dunes. One fresh water lake even had cat fish that would come nibble on your toes while you were swimming! My favorite part wasn’t the long hikes or the swimming even, it was the long walk on the beach at night when our tour guide, Driver, told us about the stars. Unlike the U.S., in Australia they have the Southern Cross to show them where South is in the sky.

On the long walks to the lakes some people were tempted to try the numerous amounts of tropical fruit that surrounded the island. Driver explained the Six Steps to Eating Berries. Step One: squish a few berries between your index finger and your thumb, wait two hours. If you still have your fingers and there is no tingling or stinging you are able to go on to the next step. Step Two: squish a few more berries into your fingers and rub them in your armpits. Your armpits are sensitive and will allow you to understand if you can eat them. If you still have armpits and they are not red and puffy you are welcome to move on to Step Three, berries on the lips. Your lips are very sensitive and if after another two hours they are not red and look like Angelina Jolie you may then try and put some under your tongue for Step Four. If you still have a tongue, and its not frozen in your mouth and useless, then proceed to the Fifth step. Ask your best mate to eat one, wait overnight and if he or she is not using the bathroom a lot, hallucinating, brain damaged or dead… Then the berries are well enough for you to eat and enjoy! Basically the moral of the story according to our tour guide was, “don’t get lost in the bush mates, and if you do, make sure you have a lot of candy bars to get ya by”. Overall, I would say it was definitely an interesting trip.