Qantas must be Australian for “Late”

So I am a little behind everyone, but better late than never is what I always say. That must be Qantas Airlines motto as well. It seems to me that every time that we were on one of their flights, we arrived at our destination late. This could not have been more true than on our return flight from Sydney to Dallas. We landed in Dallas just 40 minutes late, but it made getting through customs and the airport a nightmare. I was one of the lucky ones that managed to get to our next flight to Charlotte on time. The plan was to wait until everyone got to the gate and then all board the plane together. But the US Airways lady had a different plan. She told us that the ones of us that were currently there had to get on the flight or we would not get a ticket on the next flight. Recluctantly we boarded the plane, hoping that the others would get to the gate before thy closed the door. But that did not happen. Soon after we were on the plane they closed the door and pushed back. We were on our way to Charlotte, without about half of the group. The ones of us on the flight were all very stressed and concerned for the others because we had no idea whether or they would get home that night or not. As soon as we landed we called and found out that they had gotten on other flights and would make it home. We were so happy that the rest of the group would be getting back to North Carolina that night. We also had to wait for the next flight to get our luggage, as it had not had enough time to get on our flight with us. All of this happened because our Qantas flight was just 40 minutes. It just goes to show that a small amount of time can make a world of difference. We were in Australia for only 6 weeks, a small amount of time in many peoples eyes, but it had an impact on me and others that will last a lifetime. I had a great time in Australia but I was glad to be coming home. It was a wonderful and unique place to visit but I have come to find out that, at least for me, nothing beats home sweet home, right here in the USA.