Week One of Classes Complete

Shuffling around my room, you can hear my roommate calling out the list, “rain boots…check, rain jacket…check, umbrella…check.” The list was ever growing. Due to the horrendous amounts of rain we have received this week this was the normal conversation between my roommates and I. Although it is not “fashionable” in Aussie land to wear rain boots, I started my own North Carolina trend and wore mine to class. As obvious as my accent is that I am American I figured I might as well become my own fashionista and wear what will keep me warm and dry.

The walk to the school is around a 5 minute stroll, and 3 minute brisk walk depending on your stride (give or take a few seconds). But as the rain came down harder that walk seemed to take years. But I made it to all four of my classes and enjoyed listening to the lectures. I am quite disappointed that I will not be able to use MLA or APA in my classes due to I just figured out how to successfully write a paper in that style, but I know it will be another learning experience for me.

Another thing that has caught me off guard on more than one occasion is how the Australians tend to add a “u” in certain words. For example, color is colour and odor is odour. Even my spell check is going crazy trying to write in this way! As I have learned as well the culture is much different. I even learned in one of my classes that they believe the word Kangaroo originated from when the English came to Australia for the first time they asked the Aboriginals what this large animal was and they replied with, “kangaroo” which in their language means, “what did you say?” or “I do not know”.

Other aspects of their culture I am learning is how the college students and professors like to dress up to go to class. This may just be at my University but the men and women both tend to dress fairly nice compared to other universities I have attended. Going to class in a dress and cute wedges is the way to go, and I am definitely not complaining.. now if only the rain would stop!

Tomorrow I head to Moreton Island for a little Island adventure, pictures will be up asap!