A little piece of home

Having my mom and brother here was almost like a dream because by the time they got here it seemed like it was already time for them to leave. They stayed in this amazing hotel that even had a slide! So instead of doing work I just had to lay by the pool and relax for a few days, that was until I actually had to go to class, yeah like my mom was going to let me skip class…I think she thought about letting me though ;).

My mom and I by the pool

My brother and I decked out in our USC gear

The only problem with the hotel my mom and brother stayed at was the fact that it was a 11-35 minute bus ride (depending on time of day, the day, and how many people decided to go to the Uni that day). We learned quickly that if we took the 615 it would only take around 10-15 minutes but if we took the 616 it was near the 15-35 minute range..Public transportation… Something I will not miss when I come back to the states. But something I will is the gelato (amazing italian ice cream). The U.S. has bans on gelato probably because it has something bad in it but whatever it is it is amazing. The ice cream place next to their hotel was good as well, it was called Cold Rock. Yes, much like the U.S.’s Cold Stone, but with an Aussie twist. I got cheesecake with passionfruit. It was amazing.


Alexandra Headlands (where they stayed) is only a bus ride away but I never really experienced it until my mom and brother stayed there. Now that I have seen all that it can offer I will definitely try to go there more often :)