Driving in Aussie

Not many people can say they have driven on not one but both sides of the road in their lifetime and I am lucky enough to say that I have. At first I thought it was going to be extremely scary I mean you even get in on the passenger side which blew my mind the first time I got into a person’s car. But I guess I was merely over thinking it because once I got behind the wheel it felt as natural as driving back home. Well, as natural as it can be. The petals were still in the same place and the seat was positioned just the way I liked it but back home I drive a jeep so driving a tiny car was a little strange. Plus the turn signals were on the right side and up was to go left and down was to go right. What I learned right away was if you mistake your lefts and rights and put up the left lever by accident and not the turn signal you get the windshield whippers instead. Let’s just say the first few times getting behind the wheel it should have been raining. 

What I had to drive through

I was lucky enough to get the shift where we drove through the mountains, day and night. By driving through the mountains I mean at some points there weren’t any lines on the road which was confusing and some parts were so narrow you felt like if a car drove beside you you’d for sure crash. Not only this, but there were so many hills that the car was exhausted and kept making loud sighing noises. But it was fun and it kept my eyes on the road. And it was beautiful. Although it wasn’t the nicest day out the trees were an amazing green. It was definitely a sight to see.



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